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Claw Manufacturing

ClawM- Traction studs and attachments for your track loader or mini excavator

Business Categories : Manufacturing

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Claw M’s rubber track traction attachments are an incredible way to add traction to your rubber track machine in all climates and for many different purposes. Logging, Mining, Excavating, Snow Plowing, Mulching, landscaping, – ClawM’s Rubber track traction attachments can suit any application, if you are having trouble finding traction. Click here for more of the discussion.

Snow & Ice Removal
If you are working in the snow, then you already know that ice can be a huge problem when you’re trying to finish a job. If you get stuck on ice, you could spin your track and get nowhere wasting your precious time. When ClawM’s traction attachments are installed on your rubber track loader or skid steer, you can rest assured that when you run into ice or slick snow, your machine will be able to keep moving. For snow plowing and removal on paved asphalt surfaces, Claw M recommends using the new Snow and Ice Asphalt Studs. But if you are planning on removing or plowing snow on gravel or unpaved surfaces, ClawM recommends using the Carbide Studs and the Carbide Claws to get the ultimate traction for your rubber track loader or skid steer. Click here for our blog on the Asphalt Studs.

Logging & Mulching
Usage of our product is not limited to just snow removal and plowing. We have also sold our product to many workers in the logging industry. The ClawM V Claw was designed to provide traction in unstable surface areas. The V Claw provides exceptional traction when loggers are driving up and down steep areas and even when they need to drive over things like logs or piles of dirt and leaves. The V Claw has also been used by people working in the mulching industry with fabulous feedback. The Carbide Studs and V Claws are excellent at finding traction wherever you go- even in deep wooded areas with lots of slippery surfaces. Due to the amazing design of these attachments, they are very easy to install in any rubber track machine.

Excavating & Landscaping
ClawM’s Studs and Claws are a great idea for excavating and digging out large holes. Check out our video here to see how well our studs and Claws dig into loose dirt. Install our rubber track attachments, and you will absolutely be able to find traction. The Carbide Studs and Claws also work well in gravel, ice, snow and mud but are highly aggressive, and not recommended for paved surfaces. Most Landscaping companies perform lawn maintenance during the summer and concentrate on snow removal in the winter. The great thing about our Studs, is that you can remove them with no damage to your track. We recommend using both the Carbide Studs (for summer work) and the Snow and Ice Asphalt Studs (for winter work). If you use both products, you can get amazing traction all year-round and on any surface. In addition, you will not have to drill any additional holes, as both studs are about the same size.

The Carbide Claws and Carbide Studs work wonders on gravel and rocky terrains. Our Studs are strong and reinforced so that they can handle the aggressive work in the mine pits. When you want to haul your dirt around and need traction to get movement – don’t worry ClawM attachments are great at finding you traction on loose dirt, rocks and gravel. ClawM attachments are installed through the rubber track and tightened with our patented ClawM Flange Nuts, making them one with the track. When the attachments are installed they will not rip or tear out no matter what sort of heavy duty work you need to do.
ClawM’s Carbide rubber track Traction attachments can be used for any industry. If you have a rubber track machine, we have an attachment suitable for your purposes.