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SafetyTek Software

Workplace Safety Evolved

Business Categories : Safety

Keywords : safety management

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Contact Name : Ryan Quiring

Designation : CEO

Email :

Phone Number : 844-685-7233

Address : The Concourse, 116 Research Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7N 0X4, Canada

Business Description:

SafetyTek delivers your company’s safety policy digitally. This in turn enables you to better manage your safety and can lead to

1. An 80% reduction in safety management costs
2. An 85% decrease in Incident frequency
3. A 500% decrease in WCB premiums

SafetyTek does this through creating time, saving resources, and increasing your company’s safety culture by leveraging technology to streamline data directly from your workforce.

We provide you with managed real-time form submissions which are GPS and time stamped so you are able to know when and where these forms are filled out. This allows you to have your finger on the figurative “pulse” of your safety policy performance without having to do MORE work.